Eating habits, vitamins and how to combat fatigue

Many times the scope of our daily routine significantly impacts our physical and mental state. Normally we see it reflected in bouts of stress, bad eating habits and even in how we face the definition of a lifestyle, making us feel exhausted, weak or lacking motivation.

This can become something habitual, become constant, and therefore, after identifying the causes, it is possible to find solutions that will help us have enough energy to cover day-to-day activities.

Below we share some recommendations to free yourself from physical and mental fatigue and thus give a positive turn to your life.

Good nutrition

One of the most common causes of tiredness and fatigue is neglect of eating habits . It could even be considered normal that during times of rest or vacation we pay less attention to our diet and let ourselves be carried away by moments or moments of craving. However, let's not forget that the ideal fuel to fill ourselves with energy is called a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

Providing our body with vitamins and minerals will give us the necessary vitality to function correctly and including multivitamins as a complement to our daily diet is a great first step.

Avoid processed foods

By consuming foods or fried foods with low nutritional value, we increase our fatigue levels and negatively impact our emotional state. Therefore, it is advisable to add vitamins and amino acids to our daily diet that counteract fatigue, improve memory and promote the proper functioning of our brain cells.

Smart rest

Rest is vital for our mental health and to recover energy. If we do not sleep enough or do not rest properly, it is possible to develop stress, irritability, attention and coordination deficits, memory failures, among many other symptoms.

Adapting your rest hours to your needs and prioritizing quality sleep can help you perform throughout the day. Prepare your room, eliminate lights, turn off all electronic devices and thus avoid unnecessary interruptions to your sleep cycle.

Exercise… stay active

The equation is simple; Physical activity and exercise mean release of endorphins and release of endorphins means vitality. Keep moving and look for spaces in your schedule to reduce mental fatigue and find what you are passionate about.

Multitasking is not as positive as it seems

On repeated occasions we believe that doing more than one thing at a time will satisfy our desire to finish everything as soon as possible, but the reality is that trying to concentrate on more than one task simultaneously is really exhausting for our mind.

Consciously set priorities and stop demanding your body and mind to perform at their best if you have not dedicated the time necessary to prioritize activities and tasks within your daily routine.

Reduce your levels of hyperconnectivity

Nowadays, our mind is subjected to an overload of information caused by the daily use of electronic devices that are essential for working, studying, having fun and even communicating. Consequently, our attention capacity is closely related to the pace that technological transformation imposes on us, thus exposing us to constant changes and different stimuli.

To find a solution we have to be the ones who bear the responsibility of choosing what we focus on and where we direct our attention, not letting our environment set the tone. Every activity has its moment and understanding it gives us the ability to strengthen our full consciousness.

Without a doubt, acquiring and adopting a series of good habits is widely beneficial for our physical and mental health . And, beyond the fact that it is a process that requires a lot of effort, we are sure that the most complicated thing will always be taking the first step.

At Biofarma CMD we fully trust in the benefits of naturopathic products and natural medicines to help us stay active and balanced no matter what stage of our lives we are in.

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