1. Introduction

Welcome to online shopping website cmd.com.mx This site is property of Sinergia Farmacéutica, SAPI de CV, with fiscal address at: Industria del Agave No. 99, Fraccionamiento Industrial Zapopan Norte, Postal Code 45130, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; with Federal Taxpayer Registry number: SFA140912EH9 (all the time referring to this site as cmd.com.mx) as a service to our clients.

By using this Website, you declare that you have read and understood the terms and conditions established therein. We ask that you carefully read these terms and conditions before using the cmd.com.mx website, since when you enter our site you confirm your understanding of them, if you do not accept these terms and conditions of use, you will not be able to use this site.

These Terms and Conditions constitute the general contracting conditions and, together with the Purchase Orders, the corresponding Purchase Confirmations.

Sinergia Farmacéutica, SAPI de CV, reserves the right to change, modify, add or eliminate the terms and conditions of use that are subscribed to at cmd.com.mx, being effective as of their update and publication, accepting the new terms and conditions of use to continue accessing the site and purchasing products.

2.- Use of the site and registration of the cmd.com.mx site and registration

The content and services offered by our site are reserved and directed only to an audience over 18 years of age. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to supervise the behavior of minors who enter the site. The veracity of the information provided by the client will at no time be the responsibility of our site.

The user can visit our website and view the content without registering. User must provide Company with accurate, current and complete registration information. All registration and billing information provided must be true and accurate. Providing any false or inaccurate information constitutes a breach of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. By confirming your purchase and completing the payment process, you agree to accept and pay for the products ordered, as well as the billing information provided to cmd.com.mx.

The use of the name for commercial purposes or for any purpose by third parties is prohibited, unless expressly permitted by us in advance and with prior authorization.

If you have any claim or clarification regarding the use of this site and its TERMS AND CONDITIONS , we put at your disposal our point of sale located at. Productivity Circuit Number 299, Guadalajara Industrial Park, El Salto, Jalisco, Postal Code 45690.

We also put at your disposal our Customer Service Center 800 2880 263 and email contacto@cmd.com.mx

3.- Information about prices, products and contents

We recommend that you always check the purchase conditions before placing your order, in order to make sure of the terms, conditions and restrictions that may apply to each product.

All product prices are published in Mexican pesos, including Value Added Tax and other taxes that may apply.

The above, regardless of the shipping costs that may or may not be generated. These amounts will be indicated to you before placing your order, so that you are able to accept them.

4.- Quantity and availability limits

We inform you that, in order to benefit a greater number of customers, the sale of some high-demand products may be limited to certain pieces. This situation will be communicated to you before placing your order and completing your purchase.

5.-Order acceptance

Once you place your order, the order number and product details will be sent to your email. The above does not mean that the payment has been processed or authorized by OPEN PAY, nor that the order has been confirmed. If the payment is authorized or authenticated, we will send you another email with the order confirmation and purchase details.

Once you place your order, the purchase process begins. If you have not received the purchase confirmation email within 1 (one) day, you must enter our page or call our call center and check the status of the order.

If cmd.com.mx is unable to authorize or authenticate your payment, the purchase process will be stopped, informing you of this in the contact information you provide when registering or making your purchase.

If for any reason OPEN PAY determines that it is not possible to complete the transaction and your card has already been charged, a refund will be issued for the same amount and payment method.

If additional information is required to accept your order, we will contact you by telephone within 1 (one) to 3 (three) days after your purchase.

6.- Total delivery time for an order

The total delivery time for your order is the period of time from the time you place your order to the time you receive it. An order is made up of two parts: processing time and shipping time.

The processing time of a product is the time generated from your purchase order until your product leaves the warehouse.

Shipping time is when your product left the warehouse to arrive at your door. Check delivery times below.

For products purchased at cmd.com.mx, the shipping period will begin to run from the moment you receive the confirmation email of your order:

  • Guadalajara Metropolitan Area 2 (two) to 3 (three) business days from (Monday to Friday).
  • National postal codes or areas in recent natural disasters (3 (three) to 10 (ten) business days (Monday to Friday).

7.- Cancellation policies

Your order begins processing immediately after clicking “BUY”. Once the order is confirmed by our system, you can completely cancel a purchase by calling our service center at 800 2880 263 only before registering the departure from our Distribution Center to the delivery address, otherwise no make cancellations.

Cancellations are made per order, that is, if your order includes more than one product, all the products that come in the order will be cancelled.

A cancellation fee of 20% (twenty percent) of the total payment is charged.

To cancel your order, call our customer service center at 800 2880 263 and request it with the aforementioned conditions. You must have your purchase receipt at hand.

The refund of the remaining 80% (eighty percent) will be made with the same payment method of your order and will take place within 10 (ten) to 15 (fifteen) business days (Monday to Friday), once acceptance is confirmed. of the cancellation.

Other reasons for automatic cancellation are:

  • When the user was not at home.
  • When fortuitous and/or force majeure situations arise (without limitation, disasters in the warehouse or transportation impediments due to weather or epidemiological conditions, serious failures in the origin of the product, among others.).

8.- Returns

It is very important that you receive your order in optimal conditions, if for any reason the parcel company delivers the package damaged, do not accept it or sign for receipt, immediately report this incident to us at the customer service center, at number 800 2880 263 , to be able to start the return process. Please note that if you receive the package, even if it is not in optimal condition, we will not be able to process any returns unless it is due to defects in manufacturing quality.

General Return Conditions:

Returns of any product will be accepted according to the following terms and conditions:

1. Products can be returned within 30 (thirty) days of the delivery date.

2. Points to consider for returning the product:

  • Only if the product is damaged.
  • The sensitive (security) seal is broken.
  • The primary or secondary packaging is defective (Jar or box containing the product).
  • Detection of a quality problem or matter foreign to the product.
3. If the customer notices any anomaly in the product, it must be reported via email contacto@cmd.com.mx , attaching the following information:
  • Product name.
  • Lot number (Alphanumeric reference).
  • Photo evidence.
  • Detail the events that occurred.

Steps you must follow to return items

How do I return my product(s) that I purchased at cmd.com.mx ?

Return process:

Just follow the following steps.

  1. Verify that the order meets the deadline and conditions to return your product.
  2. Contact our customer service: 800 2880 263 having the order number and the name of the product to be returned at hand. Our customer service center will send you a document by email called “Return Form” with which you can make your return. You can also send us an email to contacto@cmd.com.mx
  3. We will send you a FedEx pickup guide (via email) to return your product.
  4. The call center will provide you with information on the collection service. You must provide business days (Monday to Friday) when it is possible to pick up. The time range, regardless of the day, is from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. , it will not be possible to schedule deliveries at specific times, however, anyone can deliver the products.

All products must be returned in their original packaging and the product box.

In case of replacement, this will be sent to the shipping origin address upon receipt of the damaged or defective products at our Returns Center, depending on product availability, at no additional charge.

Once the merchandise is received at our Distribution Center, a review will be carried out; if everything is in order, the replacement process of the product(s) will proceed.

The refund of the payment with the deduction of the aforementioned penalties will be processed automatically and with the same payment method, in a minimum time of 10 (ten) business days (Monday to Friday), being paid on Thursday for Credit/Debit Cards. .

9.-Means of payment

Payments are made through OPEN PAY with a credit or debit card. OPEN PAY has tools that help detect and avoid fraud in real time. www.cmd.com.mx does not store or have access at any time to your financial information, the data requested in the forms travels securely thanks to our SSL certificate .


10.- Shipping

All our shipments are made through FEDEX with an additional cost of $40 pesos to the entire Mexican Republic. Free shipping on purchases of $599 or more.

11.- Billing

The user may request billing for the purchased products, in the billing section in cmd.com.mx from the moment of making the purchase, if you do not request it at the time, you can do so within the same month that you made your purchase through a request that you must send to the email contacto@cmd.com.mx . which will be issued through the company name SINERGIA FARMACÉUTICA SAPI de CV Filling out the information on the page and your purchase ticket.

SINERGIA FARMACÉUTICA SAPI de CV will send the invoice via email within 15 (fifteen) business days (Monday to Friday).

12.-Intellectual property

The software necessary for our services or used on our website and the intellectual property rights of the contents, brands, logos and commercial notice, as well as the material on our website belong and/or are licensed to SINERGIA FARMACEUTICA, SAPI de CV

SINERGIA FARMACEUTICA, S.AP.I. de CV exclusively reserves ownership of all rights, title and interest in all intellectual property rights to the appearance (including infrastructure) of the website where the service is available (including customer comments and translated content). ), and you do not have the right to copy, collect, link to, publish, promote, sell, integrate, use, combine or use the content (including translations and customer comments) or our brand without written permission from us. To the extent that you wish to use (in whole or in part) our translated content (including customer comments) or you own any intellectual property rights in the website or any (translated) content or customer comments, you hereby , you transfer and assign all intellectual property rights to cmd.com.mx. Any type of misuse or any type of action or behavior mentioned above will constitute a violation of our intellectual property rights.

13.-Release of liability cmd.com.mx

All products offered in cmd.com.mx They are subject to availability while supplies last, so there may be the case of purchasing a product that is already out of stock even though it appears on the website. cmd.com.mx , in which case you will be informed as soon as possible, refunding the amount charged for the product, or, where appropriate, the next availability and shipping date in case you do not want the aforementioned refund.

All offers, requests and registrations of information, among others, are made through the site cmd.com.mx. We are not responsible for communications sent outside of this site, nor will we be responsible for deposits made to authorized entities. when purchasing products, emphasizing that deposit requests are never made to a bank account.

14.-Data protection

The data provided on cmd.com.mx is protected according to our privacy notice published on the same site.


In the registration process you agree to receive promotional and/or informative emails from the cmd.com.mx site; However, you can choose to cancel such sending of promotional and/or informative emails, the above in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, and in accordance with the rules of operation and functioning of the Public Registry of Consumers.

16.-Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and any service or product provided by “ cmd.com.mx ” will be governed by the provisions of the Federal Consumer Protection Law and by the laws of the Mexican Republic, and any controversy that arises from the use of the Service will be submitted to the Courts of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

17.- Customer service

The cmd.com.mx website, to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our customers, offers contact and support for any questions, complaints or suggestions regarding any product or order, as well as for any cancellation or return of the same in the following email contact @cmd.com.mx

800 2880 263
Productivity Circuit No. 299,
Guadalajara Industrial Park,
El Salto, Jalisco, Postal Code 45690.