How to prevent colds?

The flu and colds are everyday illnesses that we are already used to living with. However, custom is not the same as taste, nor similar to the degree of severity. In many cases around the world, a simple flu triggers a storm of illness that has ended in the death of patients.

Although we are very accustomed to receiving flu medication options , it is important to take care of ourselves before we have the disease and not only when we have already been infected. Therefore, here we give you some recommendations that will help you prevent its contagion.

Acquire good eating habits

You may already know it, but having a strong immune system will help you resist infections from this type of virus. There are many natural foods and products , rich in vitamin C that will help you with the task. Just keep in mind that these products do not guarantee you are immune to the flu, they are a support.

In addition, add to this recommendation good eating practices such as avoiding saturated fats, eating between 3 and 5 meals a day, consuming fruits and vegetables, and following each meal under the premise of the plate of good eating.

Keep your body active

Performing constant physical activities benefits your entire body and metabolism. The most important thing for the immune system lies in the elimination of toxins and harmful elements for your body. By getting rid of them, you give your body the opportunity to focus only on fighting an attacking virus. If you are interested in obtaining more energy to perform various exercises, there are natural medications that will help you with the task.

Sanitize your living areas

Like many other viruses, the flu is transmitted through the air. Currently, after the health contingency caused by COVID-19, it may seem obvious to us, but the best way to combat its contagion lies in the constant cleaning of our living areas. If you live in an office or work at home, it is best to make sure you clean your space periodically.

Avoid stress

It's hard to believe, but stress has been proven to be a factor that drives the spread of viruses like the flu. Their relationship may seem illogical to you, however, the explanation comes when analyzing the effects of stress on our immune system. It turns out that this condition suppresses the operability of our defensive system, therefore, the greater the exposure (to stress), the greater the risk of infection. Furthermore, if you are already sick and continue to be stressed, it has been proven that the symptoms worsen. We recommend that you look for natural products that allow you to relieve stress in your body and change the activities that cause it.

Good sanitizing practices on your person

Another well-known tactic is cleaning our hands throughout the day, especially when your routine involves going out and transporting yourself from one place to another, increasing contacts with more people. Wash your hands every time you arrive somewhere new, try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth repeatedly, and wear face masks to increase your chances of immunity.

As you can see, there are many daily actions that allow you to reduce the chances of becoming infected. It is necessary to remind you that there is no flu medication or activity that guarantees you will stop getting infected, the only exception is virus vaccines, such as the flu vaccine itself and COVID-19.

Maintain good habits in your daily life, rely on nutritional supplements to boost your body and enjoy the benefits to your health, your mobility, even the way you perform in any task. Greater attention, less fatigue and less illness, this is what it feels like to live well.


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