Myths and facts about flu medications

Colds and the common flu are so common in our lives that we have assumed them in our daily lives. If at any time we develop a cold, dry cough or have a runny nose, it is very easy to go to the nearest store and buy some anti-flu medication.

No matter how normal it may seem, we must always keep in mind how important it is to go to health specialists to avoid any complications due to lack of care or inadequate intake of flu medications . For this reason, here we will focus on talking to you about those myths that surround natural and synthetic medications , vitamin C supplements and food supplements for children that help combat these conditions.

Myth 1. Vitamin C prevents the flu

Popular belief invites us to eat oranges, grapefruits, guavas, lemons, garlic, even food supplements rich in vitamin C , with the promise of avoiding the flu. However, the reality is very different. Yes, it is true that a healthy diet, good habits, and an increase in this vitamin strengthen our immune system. What is not true is that we become immune to this disease. There is no way to guarantee this, which is why daily care is always recommended.

Myth 2. Colds and flu are the same thing

A large number of people suffer from allergies or reactions that involve a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms similar to a bacterial infection such as the flu. This is exactly where the difference comes in: in a cold there is no presence of bacteria. This distinction is vital to understanding the following myth involving flu medications .

Myth 3. Antibiotics cure colds and flu

When we are impacted by commercial advertisements, the promises are always “eliminate runny nose, forget about watery eyes and without causing sleepiness” among others, however it is not specified that all these flu medicines are only to reduce the symptoms of the flu, Therefore, they will never cure you of the disease. On the other hand, if we analyze the nature of the word antibiotic we will understand that they are substances that eliminate bacteria. The flu and colds are viruses.

Myth 4. Natural medicines cure the flu

Here the greatest specification is to know if they eliminate the virus, then we must deny such an assertion. Natural medications , as well as synthetic flu medications, only relieve the symptoms caused by the flu. Although there are many naturopathic products based on medicinal herbs that do cure multiple conditions, no remedy has been proven to eliminate viruses.

Myth 5. Flu shots make you sick with the flu

After a global health contingency, we are increasingly familiar with vaccines. It is curious to think that influenza or COVID-19 are similar types of viruses, therefore, their vaccine is similar. In any case, it has been proven that getting vaccinated against one or the other does not make you sick. If there are cases in which the disease occurs after vaccination, it is attributed to the patient's exposure to the virus.

Myth 6. Natural products make you sweat the flu

There is a very strange belief that invites you to sweat and sweat when you are sickest. In this way, you remove the virus from your body. Although the premise is correct (you release toxins in sweat), the origin of the flu is lost from focus: a virus that does not leave the body in this way. So, if you are ever offered a natural product that makes you sweat to get rid of the flu, think twice. The action of sweating implies dehydration, which worsens symptoms such as body cramps.

Now that you know the reality behind the most popular myths about flu medications , what do you think is the best way to take care of yourself? An excellent option is to rethink your eating habits and offer your body the necessary nutrients to fight this virus. If you already suffer from this disease, it is best to go to a medical specialist who will advise and guide you optimally.


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