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According to the General Health Law, food supplements are “products based on herbs, plant extracts, traditional foods, dehydrated or fruit concentrates, whether or not they have added vitamins or minerals, which may be presented in pharmaceutical form and whose purpose is to use is to increase the total dietary intake, complement it or replace any of its components.”

Today there is total transparency to know the precise amounts of vitamins and minerals that we need to consume for the proper functioning of our metabolism. We know these values ​​as Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) and they were calculated strictly based on the different stages of life: childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood and old age.

This refers to the fact that the human being undergoes biological, psychological and social changes that mark each of these stages and in which different social and biological needs arise according to the particular requirements of each person.

Despite the clarity in this definition, and the rise of naturopathic products in the pharmaceutical sector, many people continue to question whether it is advisable to take dietary supplements . However, although they provide vital nutrients for the proper functioning of our body and are adjuvants in various medical treatments recommended by specialists, supplements must always be recommended, prescribed or approved by a doctor.

Life stages and nutritional supplements

There are groups of the population with requirements that are far from being similar to those of an average individual. For example, pregnant or breastfeeding women, high-performance athletes, people exposed to high levels of stress, or special cases such as older adults, where the metabolism has changed drastically and the diet must be adapted to avoid harmful consequences in their health. health condition.

  • Pregnancy and lactation: During pregnancy and lactation, the consumption of folic acid, calcium and iron is important through supplementation since, even if a diet where these nutrients are present, the recommended daily intake is not always reached.
  • Athletes and high-performance sportsmen: Whether to increase muscle mass through proteins and carbohydrates, or to increase resistance during training and thus metabolize food and convert it into energy, people who are in constant physical activity are one of the the main beneficiaries from the consumption of natural food supplements .
  • Adults and older adults: In them the decrease in calcium, iron and vitamin D is important, therefore in most cases, even if they eat a balanced diet, they require supplements to cover their nutritional deficiencies. Calcium is necessary for muscles, heart and nerves to function properly, as well as for good bone health. Vitamin D promotes adequate calcium absorption, in addition to producing adequate amounts of the hormone calcitriol to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis and sarcopenia.

Lifestyles and natural medicines

  • Special diets such as vegan: Supplementation can be considered a good option to cover the daily requirements of some micronutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, B6, B12, K, D and especially fatty acids such as omega 3 .
  • People with high levels of physical activity: There is great wear and tear derived from high-performance activity and they require replenishment of vitamins and minerals .
  • Consumption restrictions: Due to allergies or cultural beliefs, there is an impediment to consuming certain foods or nutrients.
  • Nutrients that are difficult to obtain in the regular diet: In the case of omega 3 , in addition to the fact that our body cannot synthesize it naturally, the foods that provide it are scarce (herring, salmon, tuna, chia, walnuts, etc.) and That complicates its regular intake.
  • Stress levels: The contribution of macro and micronutrients favors the reduction of stress caused by overwork, lack of rest or lack of physical activity.

We take care of your health with natural medicines

At CMD we have a line of naturopathic products designed for the health care of all the members of your family. Each of our dietary supplements are endorsed, certified and have the support of our laboratory, which has more than 25 years of experience in the market.

In our catalog you will find: supplements for athletes , supplements for seniors , supplements for joints , supplements for the immune system , supplements for skin and hair, among many others.

Some of the main benefits of our supplements are:

  • Contribution of essential nutrients that everyday food does not provide
  • They are adjuvants in the treatment and prevention of diseases
  • Ease and practicality of consumption
  • They are of 100% natural origin

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