Healthy life: 7 good habits to achieve it

Sometimes, the process we go through to lead a healthy lifestyle can be a complicated and even frustrating transition. Our previous habits play a crucial role and are partly responsible for the difficulties we face when wanting to exercise daily or maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet.

If your goal is to lead a healthy life and generate a positive impact on your physical and mental health in the short, medium and long term, you must take into account two very important factors: nutritional balance and being constant with the effort required to generate these changes.

Physical and mental balance

It is common to think that the body responds to the conscious orders of the mind and that we have no control or interference over it, but the reality is that the mind and the body are an interconnected and interdependent whole. This means that, if we only focus our attention and efforts on physical fulfillment, it can be affected or diminished by neglecting our mental health , and vice versa.

So who is in charge? Good habits. Those actions that, if we manage to make them part of our daily lives, will allow us to move towards a fuller and more balanced life.

7 healthy habits to take care of our health

  • Healthy diet: Being aware of the fuel and nutritional value that we provide to our body daily should be considered a priority. Go to a specialist, inform yourself and be critical when adopting an eating plan. From consulting a nutritionist to follow a balanced diet, to including the responsible consumption of dietary supplements in our daily lives , they will add benefits to our lives that will impact far beyond achieving an adequate weight.
  • Varied diet: The intake of vitamins and minerals is a pillar to obtain essential and beneficial nutrients for the brain. In addition to nuts, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, consuming multivitamins can also help you build a healthy life .
  • Physical activity: Keep moving! A sedentary lifestyle, in addition to increasing the risk of being overweight or obese, can develop hypertension and alterations in the circulatory system. Performing any type of physical activity reduces stress and anxiety levels, raises our self-esteem and improves work performance. Remember that, to enjoy all these benefits, exercise must be accompanied by good eating habits.
  • Breathe, rest and disconnect: To have a healthy life, breaks are also required. Stopping to rest from the efforts of the daily routine is crucial to regularize our hours of sleep and our internal processes, thus acquiring the energy necessary to meet the demands of daily life and combat poor performance, physical wear and fatigue.
  • The importance of continuing to learn: Staying active at the brain level, being proactive and trying to learn something new every day will never lose relevance. This will help generate new neural pathways that will slow down memory loss or lack of concentration. Likewise, today there are natural medicines that specifically treat this type of difficulties linked to our brain processes.
  • Boost your immune system: In addition to supporting yourself with multivitamins and natural products , to reduce your stress levels, breathe consciously, meditate or do yoga to regulate your oxygen levels and get out of that state of alert that promotes fear, alters blood pressure, increases sensations of pain, among many other highly harmful consequences for our physical and mental health .
  • Don't lose sight of your digestive system: Regardless of the effectiveness of natural medications to avoid intestinal constipation, eating foods rich in fiber is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Combining natural products with the consumption of fiber promotes better digestion of food and the exemption of harmful toxins for your body.

The path to a healthy life

Various studies have shown that, to establish new habits, it takes at least twenty-one days; To change our internal processes and have a good impact on our mental health , it takes at least two months. It is never too late to head towards a healthy life , but this requires a radical, conscious and balanced change with the aim of achieving physical and mental fulfillment.

Each of these healthy habits will allow you to improve your quality of life and add thoughts and actions to your routine that in the short, medium and long term, your body and mind will appreciate.


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